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How Do You Know If You Need Foundation Repair?

Foundation cracks, wall/floor cracks & other fractures

gaps around Windows or exterior doors

Foundation settling/sinking

counters & cabinets separating from wall

foundation UPHEAVAL

sagging or uneven floors

 If you notice any of these sign, contact us today, our foundation experts will guide you in the right direction. A compromised foundation left unchecked will surely become more difficult and expensive to fix over time. Take advantage of our free evaluation,  better safe than sorry!

In most instances, damaged foundations can be fixed

Emmert International was founded by Terry Emmert, in Clackamas, Oregon, in 1968. With over 50 years in residential & commercial  foundation repair/ replacement, house lifting, & house moving you can rest assured that Emmert will handle your project with insight and care.

Foundation issues will never correct itself & it directly affects your homes resell value. As concerning it may seem, don’t ignore the signs. Taking care of the problems early, is the best thing you can do to ensure it’s resolved in a timely, cost effective manner. Waiting to address your foundation issues only leads to bigger, more expensive problems, like water seeping into your home, progressed severe damage, and risk to your safety. Take control today with a free evaluation!

During an in-depth assessment of your building’s foundation – we’ll test various factors such as soil composition, foundational integrity, and concrete stability in addition to looking for visible sights of damage in and around the structure.  If the foundation is highly compromised and warrants a foundation replacement vs repair, we’ll start by shoring the structure. This is done to provide temporary supports and prevent any damage to the building.


We’ll also coordinate city inspections to ensure the foundation complies to location building codes and local ordinances.  Throughout the entire process, our expert team will handle any hurdle that may occur. With decades of engineering experience & knowledge, and an unmatched safety record from projects of all sizes, Emmert International has the wisdom and equipment to handle it all.


All our people & equipment are insured, bonded and licensed. We also own all of our own equipment – allowing us to give you unrivaled scheduling flexibility and service.

State-of-the-art engineering, logistics, and transportation solutions for every job.

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We’ll help you plan, budget, and execute your foundation project. Start to finish.

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